Öffentliche Debatte zum Thema „Brexit und Auswirkungen auf den sozialen Zusammenhalt“ 31.1.2018 in Manchester

#WeStandTogether ist eine nationale Kampagne, in Manchester unterstützt von der Manchester Evening News und der Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation.

An dieser Veranstaltung nimmt auch der Manchester Stammtisch teil.

Wed 31 January 2018 18:00 – 19:30 GMT

Room 1,218 * First floor, University Place * University of Manchester * Manchester * M13 9PL

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The Brexit Debate and its impact on community cohesion

Brought to you by #WeStandTogether, hosted by The University of Manchester

An opportunity to take part in a dialogue about the repercussions of the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

The discussion will allow those attending to air their concerns, thoughts and opinions and, in particular, look at how community cohesion has already been affected, even though the implementation of the decision is still over 17 months away.

Legal Advice Forum – Brexit and Immigration – Liverpool 25.1.

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25th January, Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool

Are you an EU/EEA national living in the UK? Worried about your rights and options post-Brexit?

Although the legal status of EU/EEA nationals in the UK will not change until the UK concludes its exit from the European Union, the government has so far refused to guarantee our rights.

Can we take any steps now to safeguard our futures? Join us for an evening of advice about Permanent Residency, Settled Status, Citizenship and how they may apply to you.

6:20PM – Doors
6:30PM – Introductions, presentation by Michael Hanley and Muhunthan Paramesvaran, Q&A

Michal Hanley
Michael graduated from Cambridge University in law and was admitted as a solicitor in 1985. He has been a partner at Wilsons Solicitors LLP since 1990 and senior partner since 2001. ….

Muhunthan Paramesvaran
Muhunthan … qualified as a solicitor at Wilson Solicitors LLP in 2003. He was made a partner in 2010. Muhunthan has a thriving private client base and deploys his thorough understanding of the immigration rules and regulations…

What topics will be covered?
What is the proposed „Settled Status“? What is a permanent residency (PR) document?
What paperwork will I need for a PR and Settled Status? What will it cost?
What if I was a student / unemployed / out of the country / on maternity leave during my time in the UK? Can I still apply?
Am I eligible for citizenship / naturalisation?

Is this a free event?
There is a £5 charge (excluding Eventbrite fees) to attend the event. The charge covers the organisation of the event only.

If you are not able to afford the fee, please contact us. A ticket will be allocated to you.

I’m not an EU/EEA national. Can I still come?
Yes, we are happy for British nationals with good intention of supporting their EU friends to come and attend the evening!

Can I bring my own questions?
Yes, there will be a Q&A session after the talk.

Can I come and complain about how terrible Brexit is?
THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE A POLITICAL FORUM. As upset as we EU/EEA nationals may be by the result of the referendum, this evening is designed to offer legal advice.

So viel du brauchst…. Fastenaktion 2018 für Klimaschutz und Klimagerechtigkeit


  • tut Leib und Seele gut: Spüren und erleben, was ich wirklich brauche, was wichtig ist für ein gutes Leben im Einklang mit der Schöpfung
  • lässt Herz, Hand und Verstand anders und achtsamer mit der Schöpfung und den Mitgeschöpfen umgehen.
  • weitet den Blick, bereitet auf Ostern vor, verändert mich und die Welt
Mit dieser Fastenaktion stellen wir uns in die christliche Tradition, die in der Zeit vor Ostern des Leidens gedenkt und bewusst Verzicht übt, um frei zu werden für neue Gedanken und andere Verhaltensweisen. Der Klimawandel verursacht Leiden, denn er gefährdet das Leben von Menschen, Tieren und Pflanzen. Klimaschutz macht Verzicht erforderlich. Aber immer wieder ist
es ein Gewinn, wenn es gelingt, alleine oder in der Gemeinschaft das Leben klimafreundlicher zu gestalten. ….

Update – deutsche Weihnachtslieder St Peter’s Square 16. Dezember

Die Organisation „Manchester for EU“ hat Menschen eingeladen, auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt europäische Weihnachtslieder zu singen, und wir machen mit!

Deutsche Weihnachtslieder
16. Dezember um 14 Uhr und noch einmal um 15 Uhr
St Peter’s Square vor der Townhall/City Library

Wir freuen uns über viele Mitsänger!
Wer will, trägt blau und gelb und/oder bring eine europäische Fahne mit!

[Gesamtaktion von 1 bis 4 pm]

Anti-Brexit: Singkreis Manchester singt Weihnachtslieder auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt 16. Dezember

Im Rahmen einer Anti-Bexit-Aktion wurde der Singkreis Manchester gebeten, auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in Manchester deutsche Weihnachtslieder zu singen.

16. Dezember zwischen 14 Uhr und 17 Uhr
am Stand von „Manchester for EU“
in der Nähe von St Ann’s Church
auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

Kommt und macht mit!



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Jointly organised by Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE), INCA UK, an Italian welfare advice centre (supported by the charity ITACA) and ‚The3million‘ (t3m), a national support group lobbying the Government to protect the rights of EU citizens.

The round table, “Brexit Citizen Rights: Settled Status and Alternative Proposal”, will be free and open to the public and will take place on the:
18th of December
at The University of Manchester, University Place, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, M13 9PL

During the event the speakers will analize the Government’s Settled Status proposal and the t3m’s alternative proposal for the Home Office and inform people of the work that “the3million” is doing to protect the rights of EU nationals that currently live in the UK and those who will arrive before any cut off date.

The moderator will be Dimitris Papadimitriou, Professor of Politics at The University of Manchester and Director of the Manchester JMCE.

The speakers are:

1. Nicolas Hatton, Founder and Chairman of the3Million
2. Costanza De Toma, a t3m advocate who is currently liaising with Michel Barnier in Brussels to lobby the EU to safeguard the rights of EU nationals in the UK and British nationals in the EU.
3. Luke Piper, Immigration Solicitor who has advised t3m on the Settled Status and assisted on the preparation of the Alternative Proposal
4. Elena Remigi, Co-writer of the book “In Limbo – Brexit testimonies from EU citizens in tbe UK”