Runder Tisch zum Thema „Brexit Citizen Rights“, Uni Manchester, 18. Dezember, 18.30 Uhr

With the support of Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE) and INCA UK, an Italian welfare advice centre (supported by the charity ITACA) which has just opened an office in Manchester, we are organizing a round table on the Settled Status Proposal and the alternative “The3Million” proposal.

The event, “Brexit Citizen Rights: Settled Status and Alternative Proposal”, will be free and open to the public and will take place on the:
18th of December
at The University of Manchester from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

During the event the speakers will analize the Government’s Settled Status proposal and the t3m’s alternative proposal for the Home Office and inform people of the work that “the3million” is doing to protect the rights of EU nationals that currently live in the UK and those who will arrive before any cut off date.

The moderator will be Dimitris Papadimitriou, Professor of Politics at The University of Manchester and Director of the Manchester JMCE and the speakers are:

1. Nicolas Hatton, Founder and Chairman of the3Million
2. Costanza De Toma, a t3m advocate who is currently liaising with Michel Barnier in Brussels to lobby the EU to safeguard the rights of EU nationals in the UK and British nationals in the EU.
3. Luke Piper, Immigration Solitor who has advised t3m on the Settled Status and assisted on the preparation of the Alternative Proposal
4. Elena Remigi (TBC), ideator of the book “In Limbo – Brexit testimonies from EU citizens in tbe UK”
5. Immigration Lawyer, from Garden Court, will assist on the current British Immigration System

Videoclip: Israa lebt heute in Deutschland *** Neue Serie BBC 2 „Exodus: Our Journey continues“

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Starting a new life in a foreign country at 13

Starting a new life in a foreign country at 13

Thirteen-year-old Israa shares her new life in Germany. She and her family fled Syria in 2015.


The new series of Exodus: Our Journey Continues starts on BBC Two at 21:00 on Thursday 2 November. Viewers in the UK can catch up later online.


BBC Radio 4: Nick Baines in Wittenberg

Der anglikanische Bischof von Leeds Nick Baines war am Sonntag in Wittenberg und hat dort einen Gottesdienst geleitet. Mitwirkung des Schauspieler Julian Sengelmann und der Reformationsbotschafterin Margot Käßmann

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On October 31st 1517 Martin Luther is said to have posted his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. It was the spark that lit the Reformation and led to the transformation of Europe. It led to revolutions in theology, politics, education, language and music. It also led to bitter divisions in church and society and to wounds which have yet to heal.
The Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, leads this act of worship from Wittenberg. He is joined by the well known German actor and singer Julian Sengelmann who is seeking to engage young people in discussion about what Reformation might mean today. The leaders of both the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches offer their perspectives and the sermon is preached by former Lutheran Bishop and Reformation Ambassador, Margot Kaessman. Music includes Luther’s plaintiff setting of Psalm 130, Out of the depths I cry to thee O Lord and his most famous and confident hymn Ein fest Burg ist unser Gott. (A Mighty Stronghold is Our God.)

Martin Luther and the Reformation (in German) by Deutsch Centre Manchester 11.11.2017


Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the John Rylands Library features a temporary exhibition. Tour-guide Kate will lead us through the exhibition, telling us fascinating stories about Martin Luther and the reformation of the Catholic Church. The tour will be held in simplified German with English summaries when necessary.


Sat 11 November 2017

14:00 – 15:00 GMT

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Diskussionsrunde in John Rylands Library in Manchester am 31. Oktober „The Reformation: Who gives a fig?“

Join us at the John Rylands Library as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation with an evening of debate and discussion.
Prepare to be challenged and enlightened as we mark the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation and ask; ‚does it still matter?‘
We welcome academics Dr John Morgan from The University of Manchester, Dr Rosamund Oates from Manchester Metropolitan University and Canon Dr David Holgate from Manchester Cathedral to the Library as we explore and reveal the complex world of the Reformation and its legacy.
Hosted by the BBC’s Katharine Longworth the evening promises to be unexpected and thought provoking as we ask the question; ‚The Reformation: who gives a fig?‘
Free, booking required.
Tuesday 31 Oktober 18:00 bis 20:00 Uhr
John Rylands Library

THE REFORMATION – Ausstellung in der John Rylands Library in Manchester

7. September 2017 bis 4. März 2018

The Reformation invites you to journey through these tumultuous times. Find out how Luther’s work led to the splintering of the Catholic Church in England.

Learn how Henry VIII’s attempts to divorce led to him overthrowing the Catholic Church and electing himself head of the Church of England.

And discover why William Tyndale’s translation of the bible into English is still felt in the language we speak today.

Explore our exhibition and see a rare copy of Luther’s 95 theses, as well as a letter handwritten by Luther himself. There is also one of the earliest examples of printing – an indulgence printed in 1455.

John Rylands Library hat eine Reihe von kurzen Videos über einige der ausgestellten Objekte gefilmt, z. B. einen Ablassbrief von 1455…

Curator’s Corner – The Reformation – YouTube


Spielenachmittage in Nottingham

wir möchten euch ganz herzlich zu unserem 1. Deutschen Spielenachmittag am 7. Oktober von 14-16 Uhr in der IONA Schule in Sneinton (310, Sneinton Dale) einladen.
Die weiteren Spielenachmittage sind jeweils am 1. Samstag im Monat, außer wir können die Räumlichkeiten nicht benutzen.
4. November
2. Dezember – Adventsbasar in der Waldorfschule, daher muss der Spielenachmittag leider ausfallen
6. Januar
3. Februar
Als Besonderheit moechten wir gerne in der ersten halben Stunde die Möglichkeit bieten, dass man deutsche Bücher, CDs und Spiele verkaufen kann. Wir werden Tische bereit stellen und wer möchte kann etwas verkaufen bzw. kaufen.
Anschließend möchten wir Brettspiele spielen. Bitte bringt doch euer Lieblingsspiel mit.
Außerdem gibt es Kaffee und Kuchen, sowie Wasser.
Bis dahin einen schönen warmen September.
Susanne und Uli