THE REFORMATION – Ausstellung in der John Rylands Library in Manchester

7. September 2017 bis 4. März 2018

The Reformation invites you to journey through these tumultuous times. Find out how Luther’s work led to the splintering of the Catholic Church in England.

Learn how Henry VIII’s attempts to divorce led to him overthrowing the Catholic Church and electing himself head of the Church of England.

And discover why William Tyndale’s translation of the bible into English is still felt in the language we speak today.

Explore our exhibition and see a rare copy of Luther’s 95 theses, as well as a letter handwritten by Luther himself. There is also one of the earliest examples of printing – an indulgence printed in 1455.

John Rylands Library hat eine Reihe von kurzen Videos über einige der ausgestellten Objekte gefilmt, z. B. einen Ablassbrief von 1455…

Curator’s Corner – The Reformation – YouTube


Spielenachmittage in Nottingham

wir möchten euch ganz herzlich zu unserem 1. Deutschen Spielenachmittag am 7. Oktober von 14-16 Uhr in der IONA Schule in Sneinton (310, Sneinton Dale) einladen.
Die weiteren Spielenachmittage sind jeweils am 1. Samstag im Monat, außer wir können die Räumlichkeiten nicht benutzen.
4. November
2. Dezember – Adventsbasar in der Waldorfschule, daher muss der Spielenachmittag leider ausfallen
6. Januar
3. Februar
Als Besonderheit moechten wir gerne in der ersten halben Stunde die Möglichkeit bieten, dass man deutsche Bücher, CDs und Spiele verkaufen kann. Wir werden Tische bereit stellen und wer möchte kann etwas verkaufen bzw. kaufen.
Anschließend möchten wir Brettspiele spielen. Bitte bringt doch euer Lieblingsspiel mit.
Außerdem gibt es Kaffee und Kuchen, sowie Wasser.
Bis dahin einen schönen warmen September.
Susanne und Uli

Case studies: EU citizens‘ rights in the UK

Andriana is a Greek national who will have been resident in the UK for 10 years on 1 April 2019.

Andriana will continue to have the right to exercise her free movement rights to live and work in the UK up to the point that the UK leaves the EU. As Andriana has been living continuously in the UK for over 5 years (without an absence of more than 2 years after that 5 years), she also immediately qualifies for settled status, subject to suitability checks.

This means she can apply for settled status under the new UK scheme once it is open. Once she has received her status and document she does not need to do anything further after the UK leaves the EU. Andriana will have successfully secured her immigration status in UK law.

It’s ok if Andriana hasn’t immediately applied for settled status. ….

Noch bis 15.10. — Tate Liverpool: „Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933“ Otto Dix/August Sander

Bilder von Otto Dix (Maler) und August Sander (Fotograf)

Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933 presents the faces of Germany between the two world wars told through the eyes of painter Otto Dix (1891–1969) and photographer August Sander (1876–1964) – two artists whose works document the radical extremes of the country in this period.

Featuring more than 300 paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, Portraying a Nation combines two exhibitions: Otto Dix: The Evil Eye, which includes paintings and works on paper that explore Dix’s harshly realistic depictions of German society and brutality of war, and ARTIST ROOMS: August Sander, which presents photographs from Sander’s best known series People of the Twentieth Century, his attempt to document the German people. In painting and photography, these works from a pivotal point in the country’s history reflect both the glamour and the misery of Weimar Republic.

Community Sponsorship nach kanadischem Modell Info-Veranstaltung 18. Juli in Salford

Community Sponsorship for Refugees

a new practical way for communities to help refugees

Community Sponsorship is based on decades of successful experience in Canada which has seen over 280,000 refugees helped.

This free event will be a chance to be inspired, ask questions, network and connect with others who are keen to support refugees through community sponsorship.

It will be hosted by local leaders and will involve speakers from the UK groups who have started to get involved in sponsorship.

Tuesday 18
th July 2017
Arrival: 17:30
Panel Discussion: 18:00 –20:30

Audacious Church
Trinity Way
Salford M3 7BD

Stuart Keir:
Sean Ryan: Caritas

Weitere Infos hier (pdf-Datei).